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Happy Halloween! 'The ENIGMA Men' video is here!

A secret order races to save a lost soul. Happy Halloween.

'The ENIGMA Men' Written and Performed by Marquis of Vaudeville

Get the song at !

Video conceived, Produced, & Directed by Marquis of Vaudeville

The E.N.I.G.M.A. Men concept and name conceived by Jim Trent

Additional footage by Shattered Glass Films (Naythan Smith, John Doornbos, Sam Schurter, Victoria Gayer)

David Antunes, Danielle Maddie, Jim Trent, Camron Frederick, Gesch Fiend, Parker Sharp, and Nick Ward as the APPARITIONs

Catherine Dillon as Coraline Vanderbergh

Alanna Arena as Madame Umbra

Veronica Joanna as Fate

Kelly Starr as Miss Fortuna

John Kaiser and Guy Chapman as Crooke & Crux

Eric Burton as the sideshow performer

Peter Powell as the undead minion

Anthony Limbrick, Jessi Arntz, Christine Powell, Victor Bordeaux Powell, Nicole Jin, Rev. Michael Hartley, Benjamin Comeau, and Catt Victory as the sideshow attendees

Special makeup and creature effects by Emma Campbell

Makeup by Kay Duke, Alyssa Lawhon and Ashley Riccardi

Assistant Lighting Designer - Brooks Powers

Very special thanks to The Lawhon Family, Terri Sharp, Markus Baldwin and Julie Mitchell with Outside the Lines Creative Studios, Sandra McKee with Munster Mansion Texas, Amanda Howard & Jim Parker with The Trinity Institute, and Rusty, Susan, & Danielle Duke

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